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A tweet warning parents about THC-laced Halloween candy gets some high-larious responses

Halloween is right around the corner, and this year, many children will get to return to in-person trick-or-treating. Sure, parents should always be careful when dealing with candy from strangers, but this reporter’s overzealous tweet about the dangers of weed edibles is taking it a bit far.

BEWARE: As Halloween gets closer, @BensalemPolice are warning parents to LOOK at your child’s candy before they eat…

— Jaclyn Lee (@JaclynLeeTV)

Her tweet vehemently cautioned parents to “LOOK at you child’s candy before they eat it,” with the added warning that though the snacks “looked like the real thing … ALL are laced with THC.” Laced, really? Has this lady never stepped into a dispensary?

Twitter had some hilarious responses, to say the least, and thus an entire “Halloweed” thread was created:

@AllCroutonSalad @JaclynLeeTV @BensalemPolice @6abc

— Eric Hayden (@EricHayden1)

A few issued tongue-in-cheek warnings about what else could be lurking just within that seemingly innocent chocolate coating:

@MattColgan28 @JaclynLeeTV @6abc @BensalemPolice one time i bit into a reeses cup and found an entire armed battalion of marines

— Franken Fran’s #1 Franken Stan (@furrygahbidge)

@WLRDtheBuzz @MattColgan28 @JaclynLeeTV @6abc @BensalemPolice Acetaminophen is Tylenol

— Church Against Kpop and Broccoli (@ChurchHatesKpop)

This person decided to weigh up the cost-effectiveness of dispensing cannabis candy. Let’s just say … the numbers don’t add up:

@dirtfart_ @JaclynLeeTV “Check to see if any of your children’s candy are actually laced with THC. You don’t want t…

— Eric Olsen (@ericolsen0106)

One person decided to flip the script, urging parents to search their stash:

@Yeegrek @JaclynLeeTV @BensalemPolice @6abc Halloweed

— theyson (@vvoodford)

And of course, a few (stoners, to be sure) were curious where they too could score some free space snacks:

@__WhiPP__ @JaclynLeeTV @BensalemPolice @6abc


So parents, the moral of this story is: If you’re out trick-or-treating with your little one and find a piece of candy with that special five-leaf insignia on the package, keep it for yourself. After all, you probably deserve your own kind of “sugar high.”

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