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Viral video perfectly describes what a typical day living with ADHD is like

Amymarie Gaertner shared a revealing video she created about how difficult it is for people with ADHD to clean the house and many are saying it perfectly describes the disorder.

Gaertner admits that she’s “never been professionally diagnosed but it’s pretty damn evident I’ve had it since I was little.” But her behaviors mirror those described by ADHD blogger Katy Rollins, who says that “many people who have attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) have difficulty with tasks like household cleaning and organization.”

“The requirements of these tasks often max out our ability to logically and emotionally even start them, never mind follow them through to completion,” she adds.

Gaertner is a dancer, actor, and musician who’s “in love with all forms of creative expression.”

In the video, she attempts to clean her home on a Saturday afternoon but hops from task to task without completing any of them. By the end of the video, all of the unfinished tasks make her home even more chaotic than before she started the project.

“I think I just understood ADHD in 30 seconds,” a commenter named Ganesh said. “Pretty much sums it up nicely, ” Gaertner agreed.

“This is so unbelievably accurate,” TikTokker Ashley said. “Literally my life,” commented Kristen.


and just like that, nothing got finished!😂 #adhdtiktok #adhd #routine #adhdcheck

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