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Brendan Fraser gets choked up when fan tells him how much people love him

Brendan Fraser doesn’t just have fans, he has dedicated lovers of his being who unapologetically adore him to the ends of the earth. And I don’t mean in a creepy stalkery way—more like a genuine, wholesome admiration of both his on-screen talents and off-screen awesomeness.

People who love Brendan Fraser LOVE Brendan Fraser. And seeing his reaction to people’s reaction to his comeback, it’s not hard to see why.

Fraser took a hiatus from acting in 2004 after nearly two decades of leading roles and heartthrob status, prompting fans to wonder what happened to him. Though he showed up in some movies and shows after that, he didn’t seem himself, either professionally or personally. And he wasn’t. He experienced a messy divorce, the death of his mother, physical ailments resulting from years of abusing his body to achieve a chiseled physique, and a sexual assault that left him distraught.

But B.F. fans have never stopped loving him and wishing him the best. His comeback in the “Doom Patrol” TV series has been well-received, and now that he has some big movie projects coming up—including the much-anticipated Killers of the Flower Moon, a Martin Scorcese film costarring Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio—people are eager to welcome him back to the big screen.

TikTok user Lindley (@littlelottiecosplay) got to sit down with Fraser for a two-minute meet and greet online, and it’s so dang wholesome. Fraser said he was feeling a little anxious about working with those renowned actors. And when Lindley told him that the internet was so supportive of him and that people loved him and were rooting for his comeback, his response was so sweet and humble. He appeared to get a bit choked up as he sat back, took a drink, then said, “Shucks, ma’am.”

The video got Fraser’s name trending, and any time that happens, the outpouring of love and appreciation is palpable.

I once sat with Brendan Fraser in his trailer, running lines (that I’d co-written) for a tense scene with Forest Wh…

— Bob DeRosa (@thembob)

thankful that as a society we agree: brendan fraser

— blakeᴮᴷ (@blakekathryn)

This is a man who was traumatized by sexual assault and then blacklisted for speaking out about it, sidelined durin…

— G. Willow Wilson (@GWillowWilson)

It’s very nice Brendan Fraser is having his comeback, it’s well deserved and I’m sure he’s delighted to be creating…

— 🍌//emmett hobbes, turtleneck enthusiast// (@EmmettComix)

Brendan Fraser deserves a huge comeback, not just because he’s super talented, but also because he’s a damn hero an…

— AKA Lizzie Brooks, Actual Pink Ranger (@PinkRangerLB)

The Brennaissance is happening, and thankfully, we are here for it.

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