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Twitter thread about body autonomy is a reminder of the ‘fear’ and ‘shame’ women confront

Body autonomy means a person has the right to do whatever they want with their own body.

We live in a world where people are constantly telling women what they can or can’t do with their bodies. Women get it form all sides — Washington, their churches, family members, and even doctors.

A woman on Twitter who goes by the name Salome Strangelove recently went viral for discussing the importance of female body autonomy.

Here’s how it started.

She continued talking about how her mother had a difficult pregnancy.

Her pregnancy with me was utterly miserable. She actually lost weight while pregnant. The delivery was problematic…

— Salome Strangelove (@salstrange)

Her mother asked her doctor about the possibility of sterilization.

He also added that her pregnancy might not have been so stressful if she’d stopped working entirely.
— Salome Strangelove (@salstrange) September 6, 2018

As was typical of the times, she was chastised by her male, Catholic doctor.

Over the next five years my mother was pregnant three more times. Two were horrific miscarriages that caused her a…

— Salome Strangelove (@salstrange)

Her mother was made to feel guilty about simply exploring the medical options about her own body. But later on, a new doctor made her feel more comfortable about her situation.

Following my brother’s birth, she mustered the courage to ask him about having a tubal ligation again. She did so i…

— Salome Strangelove (@salstrange)

How this one man’s arrogance and indifference to my mother’s body autonomy influenced my entire primary family unit…

— Salome Strangelove (@salstrange)

So when old white men disguise their pathetic misogyny as concern for unborn children, I think of my mother at 20, sobbing alone in shame and depression and helplessness and terror while dealing with the stress of being a new mother.
— Salome Strangelove (@salstrange) September 6, 2018

Once her mother had the courage to speak up, her own family members supported her.

But here’s the most horrific footnote. Before my mother was deemed healthy enough to have her tubal litigation surg…

— Salome Strangelove (@salstrange)

I like being alive. Love my family and friends. Love my brother. And I believe my mother had every right to never h…

— Salome Strangelove (@salstrange)

In closing, fuck every arrogant forced birth pontificator that walks the earth and thinks they get to rule over som…

— Salome Strangelove (@salstrange)


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