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A video message from Steve from Blue’s Clues has millennials drowning in their feelings

Yesterday, Nick Jr. did the best (or maybe the meanest) thing ever. They brought Steve from Blue’s Clues out for a personal video chat, and in a mere two minutes, got millions of millennials chest deep in their feelings.

It’s been 25 years since Blue’s Clues came onto the kids’ educational programming scene, and those who enjoyed the original show are fully in the “adulting” stage of life now. Those who grew up with Steve remember when he left the show to go to college, and he just popped into everyone’s timeline to let them know that he remembers them, too.

But the simple message from Steve goes deeper than that. It touches on the challenges of adulthood, especially for millennials who are in the thick of the career/family stage and navigating that stage through severe economic, environmental, and social upheaval. And it does so with the unique and cozy comfort only our childhood icons can provide.

Even as a Gen Xer who didn’t grow up with Steve as part of my own childhood, when he said, “I know you know,” I felt that in my bones. Yes, Steve, I do know. This adult life stuff is hard.

But ultimately, it’s the wrap-up that got everyone. The uplift. The encouragement. Phew.

So about that time Steve went off to college… #BluesClues25

— Nick Jr. (@nickjr)

The reaction to the video was swift and overwhelming. In less than 24 hours, it racked up nearly 1.5 million likes and 23,000 comments—most of which are eye-welling, lip-quivering acknowledgments of how much grown-ups need this kind of comfort right now.

Blues Clues Steve is proud of me and says i still look good so you can’t tell me SHIT for the rest of the week

— Lil Nas Ash (@adashtra)

Even when we know that it’s a one-sided relationship, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. (No one can tell me Mr. Rogers didn’t truly like me just the way I am, so I totally get it.)

Me: Parasocial relationships can be extremely problematic.

Steve from Blues Clues tells me he’s proud of me:

— Deej Storer (@DnDeej)

So many feelings.

steve from blues clues says the he’s proud of me bye

— claudia 💋 (@trashbutcutee)

Did it hurt? When Steve from blues clues left out of nowhere and came back just to say he was proud of you after all this time

— CARLY! (@carlyynicole)

Therapist: “How are you this week?”

Me: “Steve came back to Blues Clues and now I’m an emotional wreck.”


— Connor Dunning (@CDunning929)

Whether Nick Jr. knew what they were doing or not, they hit a collective nerve with this one.

Everyone 25+ out here crying at work over Steve from Blues Clues collectively right now.. damn Nick Jr. ya’ll got us 😭

— Breana Williams @ tired (@breanimator)

Seriously, Steve. I’m not sure whether to thank you or curse you for the cathartic cryfest you just unleashed on an entire generation already clinging desperately to the end of their rope. Clearly, it was needed, though. Well done.

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