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Photographer takes portraits of people on the street, then shows them how beautiful they are

Dino Serrao believes there is beauty in every person and is on a mission to prove it.

Serrao is an Italian photographer who lives in Norway and travels the world to photograph ordinary people on the street. His portraits are awesome, but the video documentation of him taking people’s portraits is even better. He shares the videos and photos on his various social media channels and has created quite a following.

For a taste of why, watch Serrao convince this elderly grandmother to let him take her picture:

So many of his videos offer a similar feeling, but each in their own way. And that’s really the point. Each person has their own individuality that creates their own unique beauty.

He just stops people right where they are in the street and asks to take their picture. And the results are stunning.

Sometimes it’s a musician he captures:

Watch this one of a woman with her dog:

A guard at the royal palace:

And just generally interesting people:

In his “About Me” section of his website, Serrao says, “Creating a great impact in this world means socializing with all cultures and traveling all over to connect with each other, in hearts and minds.” That’s exactly what we see him doing.

Keep up the beautiful work, Dino Serrao. You can follow him on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

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