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This thrifty dad bought a washing machine and was stunned by the surprise he found inside

The first few months after having a newborn are seriously stressful. It’s tough to get any sleep and your entire schedule revolves around the needs of the baby.

It’s expensive, too! It seems like you’re constantly shelling out $25 for a box of diapers and $40 for a can of formula.

So it’s understandable that a Facebook user who goes by the name of Chris Blaze asked for a deal when buying a Samsung washer and dryer set of a guy named Dave he met online.

“I just went to buy a Samsung washer and dryer from a guy and he was asking $500. I told him I just had a kid and if he could take $400 I’d be really grateful,” the father said. “I got home hooked everything up and everything worked great.”

But then he received a message he couldn’t believe.

“I got a message from him saying ‘check the dryer, a gift for the new baby,'” he wrote. Blaze looked in the lint filter and found his $400 in cash.

“Man, words can not describe how grateful I am right now,” Blaze wrote on Facebook. A lot of people on Facebook couldn’t believe the incredible gratitude from a stranger either. Since being posted last Tuesday, it has over 43,000 likes and 245,000 shares.

It’s wonderful to see that there are great people out there like David who understand the hardships that new parents go through. He knew that Chris had a lot of diapers to buy and decided that the new father could use that $400 probably more than he did. Let’s hope that his act of kindness inspires others to do the same.

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