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18 of the funniest dad memes that every father will understand

Rad Dad is a hilarious meme page on Instagram that focuses on jokes about fathers everywhere. As the stereotype goes, the typical American dad loves to grill, wear comfy New Balance sneakers, drink beer, and marvel at how wonderful his lawn looks.

Dad’s love for beer is so intense that sometimes it gets in the way of handling the housework that he was supposed to tackle on Saturday. Oh well, there’s always Sunday.

Here are 18 of the funniest dad memes from Rad Dad’s Instagram page.

1. Dad’s a little rusty.

2. This dad clearly has his priorities in order.

3. Dads can wear white after Labor Day, but they wouldn’t be caught dead going out without getting their zip-up pants in fall form.

4. No lies here.

5. It’s 10 am somewhere.

6. If you stand, you can hear it better.

7. One less thing to think about.

8. The ultimate in dad comfort and support.

9. It’s time to go to work.

10. They’re still in better shape than most pro bowlers.

11. Love and marriage was all you needed back then.

12. Quickest way to lose a fingernail.

13. I’ll get up early tomorrow and get things done.

14. The older I get, the more they stay the same.

15. What’s he listening to?

16. We’re simple creatures.

17. Fact: More dads die of colds than heart attacks.

18. Every dad’s perfect Twilight schedule.

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