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Holy moly, you have to see this 5-year-old mixing his own music

There are plenty of kids with great talent out there, but sometimes a child comes along that blows your mind with what they can do.

Miles Bonham is 5-years-old. As in he’s only been on this planet for five years. At least one or two of those years were spent not walking or really talking much, so what he can do with musical instruments and music mixing software at age 5 is…hmmm, how shall I put this…friggin’ mind-blowing.

Let me just add here that my daughter is a music composition major, and music software has been the thing that’s been hardest thing for her to learn. Maybe you have to start when you’re 3 or 4 like Miles? Maybe. I just showed her this video and her exact words were “WHAT IN HECK.?!?”

Behold, Miles the Music Kid doing his thing:

Coldest vid I’ve seen today! #ReturnOfTheMack 🙌🏽

— Rondel B. (@greengoinmyeyes)

Yeah, so that happened. The real winning moment here was the zoom-in on the sippy cup, followed closely by the question of how to spell “harmony.” He can do it, he just can’t spell it.

Also this:

Miles plays guitar, bass guitar, drums, and goodness knows what else. But it’s the putting-it-all-together that wows the most.

Miles’ parents run the Instagram account where videos of his musical prodigiousness are shared. This one shows more of the mixing process, complete with 5-year-old dancing for joy and more lessons on spelling. (And pronouncing as well—it’s “harpsichord,” not “harpsicle,” son.)

He really is quite delightful to watch, and he’s begun to catch the eye of big-name musicians. Lenny Kravitz commented on his most recent video, saying “Love everything about this.”

Oh hey, wanna see him figure out “Stairway to Heaven”? Just, like, figure it out. At 5 years old.

Keep on rockin’, Miles. And keep on sharing your kiddo’s awesomeness, Miles’ parents. Can’t wait to see what this kid can do with another five years on Earth.

You can see more of Miles on Instagram and YouTube.

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