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There’s a whole new way for cat people to find love, with this brand new dating app

Single feline lovers rejoice! There’s now a way to dismantle anti-cat misconceptions and help you find the purr-fect match, all in one dating app. It’s a glorious way to celebrate National Cat Day.

Tabby Dates, the “cat person’s dating app,” is dedicated to “building relationships so cats and cat-lovers can live healthier, longer and more joyous lives together with the humans who love them.” While using the app, cat-lovers can not only plan a “cat-focused date,” they can also learn about new cat products and treats.

Seriously, I might have to break up with my boyfriend to try this out.

In an interview with the New York Post, co-founders-slash-sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson revealed that Tabby Dates was born out of the “romantic woes” of poor Casey, whose relationship was cut short due to her having a dog. So the sisters came up with the idea to “cut to the chase with something that really matters most.” Leigh added that “pets matter so much more than what a lot of other niche dating apps offer.”

Like most online dating apps, you start by creating a profile, where you’d add a picture of yourself and your cat. You’d be able to find someone with or without a cat, but needless to say, anyone on Tabby Dates is pro-kitty. From there you also get deals from pet companies, the scoop on cat-friendly locations and you can RSVP to cat events. Yes, dreams really do come true.

Contemporary dating is difficult. Add to that, finding out your suitor is allergic, or even worse, not a “cat-person” is pretty discouraging. And according to a study posted by The Conversation, the stigma is still out there, as it “suggested that some heterosexual women ‘found the men holding cats to be less dateable,’ as opposed to men with dogs.” That’s right, dudes with cats might deal with more pet prejudice than their female counterparts.

Nathan Kehn, pet influencer and brand manager for Tabby Dates, brings up a good argument in favor of feline loyalty in a statement on the dating app’s website: “People always give people with cats a bad name. Calling them crazy cat ladies because they are so dedicated to their cats. Honestly, I would love to find someone who is as dedicated in a relationship as cat owners are to their cats.”

Something tells me that Nathan has no problems in the dating world, if this picture is any indicator.

Oh, and in case any dog people are feeling left out by reading this article, fear not! The Tabby Dates team have also created a dog-centric dating app called … wait for it … Dig Dates. The knack for puns this group has is just paw-some.

If you, your date or your cat are looking for something fun to do tonight, watch Tabby Dates’ debut on ABC’s Shark Tank. It’s truly a victory for love of all kinds.

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