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Wife finds a super effective and hilarious way to teach her husband Spanish

Look, we all know that learning another language is pretty darn difficult as an adult. Not impossible, but certainly not easy.

Well, one wife might have found the ultimate learning hack. To teach her husband Spanish, she gave him proper incentive, in the form of a water spray bottle. And it made for a delightful (and viral) TikTok video.

As if from the point of view of the menacing red water bottle, we see it enter the frame.

“Spanish answers only,” the wife says to her husband. And he knows instantly what kind of quiz this is gonna be.

“How old are you? What’s your wife’s name? How many kids do you have?” she asks in Spanish. Sadly, it’s spray spray spray for the husband.

But hey, he dodged the H20 bullet when asked how many kids he had. Saved by the uno.

Nowhere is safe for the poor man, not even the bathroom. But this method seems to work. When asked “how are you?” he remembered to say “muy bien.”

Folks in the comments were cracking up.

“He’s def saying “HUH?” to extend the time he’s given

“The bathroom killed me when he said ‘come on bro’”

One person even wrote:

“If my wife does not teach me like this then I don’t want her.”

Moral of the story: When rewards don’t work, playful threats just might! Also the husband seems to be having fun as well, so no harm, no foul. Or should I say falta? Don’t spray me!

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