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The gift that keeps on giving

The Giving Keys is a jewelry company that’s a bit unconventional, only because they believe that all of their gifts are meant to be regifted. It’s a pay it forward, give on to others type of mentality and it in turn gives their pieces that little bit of extra meaning. Each of their keys comes with a story attached, once you decide exactly what that is…

The Giving Keys believe that every word matters. Their pieces are adorned with powerful inscriptions like: strength, love, faith, believe, dream, hope, or power. And they also offer customizable inscriptions so that you can make each piece your own. The idea is that your key should have a word that you feel you need more of in your life: perhaps you need that extra reminder to create or to believe.

The key then serves as this word incarnate. It’s a tactile reminder to incorporate more this message into your everyday. It becomes your mantra and away for you to grow, heal, and thrive. But the word isn’t yours to keep forever. Once you’ve harnessed the essence of your key it’s time to give it to someone new – hence “the giving keys”.

The concept behind The Giving Keys is that once you’ve incorporated your word into your life, you’ll eventually cross paths with someone who needs that same word in their life. When you feel the time is right, you pass your key on giving this perfect stranger, or long time friend, a little extra strength, love, hope or faith.

Each key helps spread positivity, inspiration and hope as it travels.

The founder of the company, Caitlin Crosby, came up with the concept for The Giving Keys after wearing a hotel key around her neck so she wouldn’t lose it. When she checked out of the hotel she began to miss the statement piece and had a key engraved, and another and another. Caitlin began selling the keys and they were a hit. People who had lost their job or a loved one gravitated towards them. They were the perfect remind for others battling with their health or those that seemed lost in their way. She couldn’t keep up with the demand and she felt so inspired by all the people who’s lives she was touching.

Then one day she saw a houseless couple on the street and invited them both to dinner with her. Eager to hear their story, it just so serendipitously happened that the woman she was at dinner with was a former jewelry designer. They teamed up and The Giving Keys was born.

Since that point the company’s created over 130 jobs for people transitioning out of houselessness. It’s just another way that these necklaces offer new beginnings.

Check out their site and read some real-life stories of giving keys posted by actual customers, just like you. And remember: pay it forward.

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