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Hilarious 21-second video may be the greatest pet-themed ‘wait for it’ ever created

The most clever types of online videos are the “wait for it” variety. The videos that start out making you wonder what they’re all about and then whammo, it’s totally not what you thought.

A viral video shared on Twitter by Treacle_A starts out with a woman putting plastic wrap on her forehead but then there’s a considerable twist.

u201cThis video improved my whole day.u201d

— Law u00d8ntu00fc-Hu00f8rselv ud83euddf6 (@Law u00d8ntu00fc-Hu00f8rselv ud83euddf6)

Didn’t see the dog part coming did you? That’s not the first time that the peanut butter trick has made the rounds. It’s believed that the first person to call attention to this clever, but potentially messy, way to trim a dog’s nails was shared by nurse Lindsey Shelton.

Shelton introduced the technique to dog lovers everywhere on TikTok in 2020 and the video received 2.6 million views. She told Chewy she came up with the idea when she realized that her dog Schmidt calmed down when he looked into her eyes.

“So, I thought if I could keep Schmidt’s attention on my face, he wouldn’t freak out,” she told Chewy. “And I knew the peanut butter would keep his attention, but I didn’t want the peanut butter to get in my hair, so I grabbed the Saran Wrap and thought, This just might work.”

One question remains, can dogs eat peanut butter? Yes, but be sure it’s pet-safe.

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