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In case you were curious, introverted dogs are just as awkward in groups as humans

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get a bunch of introverted dogs together, let me put your mind at ease. It’s as awkward as you might think. Surprisingly, introverted dogs are just as uncomfortable in social situations as introverted people, as evidenced in this pet owner’s video of this excruciating event.

A group of pet owners in Sweden decided to bring their introverted pups together for a meetup to see what would happen. Turns out it looks a lot like everyone’s first middle school dance where kids stand around attempting to appear normal while avoiding eye contact with people they don’t know. Sofia Rosten told CNN that a dog psychologist put the group together in an effort to alleviate the concerns of owners of shy dogs.


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Rosten shared the video of the last few minutes of the dog party on the TikTok page she has for her rescue dog Qila, who attended the meetup. Qila was the life of the soiree as she attempted to catch flies with her back facing the other canines. The party wasn’t all awkward moments and avoidance of doggy contact, according to Rosten. The shindig started off well apparently, but after a bit of overstimulation, the attendees were ready to go home to their favorite blankies and glasses of puppy noir to recuperate for several weeks.

The adorably awkward encounter has racked up more than 4 million likes since it was posted. All I can say to sweet Qila is same, girl. Same. These dogs deserve a lengthy social battery recharge after all of that socializing.

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