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The internets ‘biggest Karen’ is an emu and she’s hilariously out to get her owner

Emu’s are interesting birds that kind of look like an angry ostrich with different feathers. Thank goodness they don’t fly because that would be terrifying to witness while driving across a bridge or trying to take your pooch for a walk around the neighborhood. But an emu named Karen is terrifying enough without the gift of flight. This emu who wears the moniker “Karen” proudly seems to have it out for her owner, the Useless Farm Lady who runs the Useless Farm that Karen calls home and posts about their interactions on the TikTok. It seems that every time farm lady turns her back on the fuzzy bird, Karen sees it as her opportunity to strike.

Though it’s not clear what Karen would do if she got her beak on the farm lady. Karen gets caught every time, partly because she’s not in the least bit quiet and I’m not totally sure stealth is a word I’d use for a bird the size of an SUV. Farm lady seems to have the patience of a thousand monks when it comes to Karen’s shenanigans. But interestingly enough, Karen isn’t the only one trying to delete farm lady from the farm. There’s also a silkie chicken named Brad that chases the farm lady around when Karen is in her pen.


I live for Karen’s little yellow calming hat. Literally.

Maybe it’s a team effort but it’s truly biting the hand that feeds you in probably the most entertaining way. Of course we don’t know why several of the animals have a plot against the farm lady and animal experts always claim that animals don’t hold grudges. Pretty sure farm lady would beg to differ. In their defense, she does dress them in silly hats and wigs which could be the source of animosity if animals could seek revenge.


Replying to @tonia_j every day, i am inspired and motivated Karen’s tireless dedication.

If the Useless Farm animals have it their way, farm lady better continue to sleep with one eye open because Karen is coming and she doesn’t skip leg day.

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