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Proud mama ferret wants her human to pet babies and isn’t taking no for an answer

Sometimes you come across a video that’s just too sweet not to share. That’s the case with this video of a mama ferret that has recently given birth and wants nothing more than her owner to cuddle with her babies. At first it looks like she’s coming over to her owner’s hand for some pets but she soon starts gently trying to get the human fingers in her mouth to pull them. After a few tries, the ferret is successful and tugs the hand over to her box that looks to be filled with material but then tiny cries can be heard.

It’s full of tiny babies! The person does a quick pat and removes their hand but the ferret is having none of it. She is proud of her babies and she is determined for her human to get a good look at them. I’ve always heard that ferrets are smart creatures. I just had no idea they were also so persistent when it comes to things they want. This mama ferret marched herself right back to her human as if to say “excuse me, we aren’t done here.” It doesn’t take much convincing for the person to give the babies another look.

But even after the human picks up one of the babies and gives it a gentle pat before placing it back with its siblings, the mama ferret didn’t feel like that was sufficient. She came right back again and again to guide the person’s hand to her little box of babies.

It’s safe to say she’s proud of the work she’s done. The babies are adorable and I’m sure she is a good mama.

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