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Mom makes adorable intricate pancakes shaped like different dog breeds

At Upworthy we like to bring you feel good stories and this one from Good Morning America is perfect for back to school. Pancakes are a staple of breakfast for many Americans. We stack them high, make them as big as a plate or sometimes make them as small as a golf ball. People have even figured out how to add even more sugar to the already sweet breakfast item by making them out of cake mix or topping them with some sort of icing instead of maple syrup. But one mom, Anne Sage has won the pancake making game by making them in the shape of different dog breeds.

Yes, not just a dog’s head made from chocolate chips and cut up fruit but whole dog breeds. It’s pretty wild to see the creations she has made. In one video she shows pancakes shaped like a Saint Bernard, a Papillon and a Grey Hound. Sage isn’t making them just for fun. It actually started after her daughter saw an episode of “Sesame Street” according to what the pancake artist told GMA. After her daughter saw the episode where Elmo made a robot dog, Sage’s daughter had a request.

Sage told GMA, “Out of the blue one day, she asked me to make her ‘robot dog’ pancakes, and then every morning after for weeks, she had the same request. So to keep things interesting for myself, I started making a different dog each morning.” She also explained that while it takes her about a week of trial and error to perfect each dog, her daughter doesn’t particularly care for her artistic abilities.

While I’m sure Sage’s daughter enjoyed eating the pancakes, it seems she would be just as happy with the regular old fashioned circle ones. But the internet appreciates the pancake puppies and we hope Sage keeps sharing her skills on Instagram.

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