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This dog was enjoying a nap that was so darn good his owner honestly thought he was dead

Animals sure are fun when they’re not getting into stuff or accidentally giving you a heart attack. Take Pablo, for example. The poor boy was just trying to enjoy a relaxing nap. Like, a REALLY relaxing nap.

Pablo was just resting after a hard day of being a dog when he started sliding down the couch, seemingly lifeless. His head eventually rested on the floor below him but that wasn’t going to stop his deep sleep. Pablo’s owner, on the other hand, was not given the memo that Rip Van Winkle temporarily inhabited his dog. And that’s when panic set in.

As soon as the dog started sliding down the couch, his owner sat up to try to rouse him but the dog continued to slide as if he was going to make a dog-shaped puddle. Of course, the dog’s slow descent down the couch startled the owner who shouted the dog’s name with fear in his voice. Groggily, the dog comes to his senses and makes his way on over to the other side of the couch to finish his nap that was so rudely interrupted by his human companion. He’s probably left wondering why his owner was freaking out over a nap.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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