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Kevin Bacon sings Beyonce song surrounded by goats and what did we do to deserve this gift

We are thrilled to announce that a new mathematical formula has been discovered that blows the lid off of everything we think we know and contains the potential to revolutionize life on planet Earth forever:

Kevin Bacon + guitar + Beyoncé + 3(goats) = untold joy(∞)

Who knew that Kevin Bacon playing guitar and singing a Beyoncé song surrounded by goats on a farm was key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe? Nobody, that’s who.

And yet, here we are on this day in the year of our Lord 2022, witnessing the consummation of viral musical achievement over millennia in one minute and 16 seconds of pure Kevin Bey-conny delight.

Seriously, what did we do to deserve this gift?

Bacon shared the video, in which he casually strums his guitar and sings Beyonce’s “Heated” while being surrounded by goats on his farm, on Twitter. “Hot day, hot song. The goats and I are feeling Heated @Beyonce,” he wrote. “Loving this track.”

You just have to see it:

u201cHot day, hot song. The goats and I are feeling Heated, @Beyonce. Loving this track. #GoatSongs #Renaissanceu201d

— Kevin Bacon (@Kevin Bacon)

It’s the delightfully unexpected acoustic cover none of us asked for but all of us needed.

Kevin Bacon and Beyoncé fans alike responded with joy over the video, with several people welcoming him to Beyoncé’s collective fan base known as the Beyhive.

[email protected] @kevinbacon @Beyonce Right. Not Kevin Bacon making us wait for part 2 where he says “Only a real man can tame me, only the radio could play me”.u201d

— Kevin Bacon (@Kevin Bacon)

[email protected] @kevinbacon @Beyonce ud83dude05ud83dude05ud83dude05 for real!!! I wanna hear Pure/Honey nextu201d

— Kevin Bacon (@Kevin Bacon)

[email protected] @kevinbacon @Beyonce @kyrasedgwick Underrated tweet. I agree 100%.u201d

— Kevin Bacon (@Kevin Bacon)

[email protected] @kevinbacon @Beyonce It was a lil vibe lolu201d

— Kevin Bacon (@Kevin Bacon)

For those who haven’t heard the original, here’s the official lyric video of “Heated” from Beyoncé newest album, “Renaissance,” so you can see the inspiration for Bacon’s cover.

Beyoncé – HEATED (Official Lyric Video)

And if less than a minute and a half of Kevin Bacon singing with farm animals wasn’t enough for you, never fear. Here he is with his ukulele singing The Beatles’ “When I’m 64” on his 64th birthday last month, with what appears to be a llama or alpaca in the background. Because of course. What else would you do on your 64th birthday if you were Kevin Bacon?

u201cI couldnu2019t resistu2026This is 64. @thebeatlesu201d

— Kevin Bacon (@Kevin Bacon)

(Side note: Please tell me I’m not the only Gen Xer having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that Kevin Bacon is 64. That seems impossible.)

Thanks to Kevin Bacon and Beyoncé and the goats for bringing us all together today for a desperately needed respite from the heaviness of the world. What a great way to start the week.

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