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Finally, there’s a disposable diaper that’s safe for your baby and the planet

When it comes to diapers, most parents face a difficult choice. On the one hand, traditional disposable diapers are terrible for the environment, and can contain chemicals that may pose serious health risks. On the other hand, parents still need diapers that actually work and are convenient to use. And most healthier, eco-friendly diaper options don’t meet those criteria.

But with all the science and technology available to us, surely somebody can figure out how to make a disposable diaper that’s safer for babies and the planet, right? Well, here’s some good news. Thanks to a company called Healthybaby, today there is a healthy and environmentally friendly diaper solution.

Shazi Visram is a mom, entrepreneur, and activist on a mission to create healthier baby products. She started Happy Family Organics back in 2003, which is one of the best-selling organic baby foods on the market. Now she’s back with Healthybaby, a company that makes sustainable, plant-based diapers, wipes, skincare, and cleaning products that are 100 percent free of toxic chemicals linked to neurological health problems.

There aren’t many companies you can feel good about supporting, especially when it comes to personal care products. But Healthybaby has social responsibility built into its DNA. It’s a certified B Corp company, demonstrating a sustained commitment to equity, the environment, economic responsibility, and corporate accountability.

All Healthybaby diapers and wipes are EWG VERIFIEDTM, OEKO-TEX, and FSC certified, which means they don’t contain chemicals that may pose health or ecotoxicity concerns, and they are sustainably produced using practices that protect the world’s forests. Healthybaby diapers also use 100 percent organic cotton, which has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than regular cotton.

In short, if you’re looking for diapers, wipes, and other skincare products that are as good for the planet as they are for your baby, you need to know about Healthybaby.

Healthybaby Monthly Diaper Bundle

Image via Healthy Baby

The Healthybaby Monthly Diaper Bundle comes with five packs of their signature organic cotton diapers and four packs of their 100% water and plant-based wipes, plus full access to Healthybaby’s developmental educational series, The Wow and the How: A Series to Unlock Development in Daily Life an invaluable online tool for developmental enrichment personalized based on your baby’s age. Available in sizes one to six, the organic cotton diapers are 15 percent lighter than regular diapers and magically soft and comfortable. But they still pack the performance punch you need, thanks to Healthybaby’s patented Magic Channels and Flash Dry technology. After giving these a try, you’ll wonder why you ever thought regular disposable diapers were the only option.

Healthybaby Pull-Up Style Diaper Bundle

Image via Healthy Baby

The Healthybaby Pull Up Style Diaper Bundle contains four packs of organic cotton pull-up style diapers and four packs of their 100% water and plant-based wipes. Designed specifically for babies who are starting to explore their world, these pull-ups are ultra soft and breathable, with a snug but comfortable elastic waist that allows your baby to move while still preventing leaks and blowouts.

Healthybaby Cloth Diaper Set

The Healthybaby Cloth Diaper Set is perfect for families interested in trying reusable diapers, a.k.a. the original environmentally-friendly diaper. Healthy Baby’s cloth diaper is a three-part system consisting of an ultra-absorbent inner layer, a waterproof outer layer, plus an optional cotton liner for extra absorbency. The Healthy Baby Cloth Diaper Set comes with one merino wool outer cover, one Oeko-Tex certified polyester outer cover, two organic cotton inner diapers, two organic cotton liners, and one zipper pouch.

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