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Conan O’Brien tried to interview Martin Short but ended up getting roasted over and over

Most people have had a friend that jokes around way too much. They’re constantly finding ways to rib you about something—sometimes it’s annoying but mostly you love it because the jokes are pretty funny. Well, that’s the situation with Martin Short and Conan O’Brien, where Short takes every opportunity he can to roast his buddy. O’Brien is funny all on his own, but seeing him continuing to walk right into the hilarious roastings is just a chef’s kiss.

This friendly act of Short poking fun at O’Brien happens so often that someone decided to put together a six-minute compilation video of nothing but O’Brien being teased by the fellow comedian. While most people would probably start getting a little miffed by the barrage of jokes at their expense, it all seems to be in good fun and O’Brien continues to invite him back on the show. Part of me thinks the long-time talk show host enjoyed being on the receiving end of the ribbing just as much as Short enjoyed doling it out. The compilation does provide some good chuckle moments, albeit at the expense of O’Brien.

In one clip Short tells O’Brien, “You look like Mr. Rogers, if Mr. Rogers drank before his show.” I mean, it’s kind of a compliment right? On the one hand you’re being compared to Mr. Rogers, the epitome of kindness. On the other hand, it’s a drunk Mr. Rogers. Jury’s out on how to take that joke, but laughing is the result. Check it out below.

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