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Trevor Noah announces he is leaving ‘The Daily Show’ in personal message to fans

Soon, “The Daily Show” will have a new face with a different style of delivering the news in a way that takes a bit of the sting away. Comedian Trevor Noah delivered some unexpected news to his live studio audience, and I’m sure I’m not the only one having some big feelings about it. Noah announced that he will be leaving “The Daily Show” in pursuit of other things, including doing more standup.

When Noah first sat behind the familiar “Daily Show” desk, he had the blessing of the iconic host before him, Jon Stewart, who had hosted the show for more than a decade. “Daily Show” watchers quickly grew to enjoy Noah’s unique perspective as a South African immigrant able to point out things about America and American politics from the viewpoint of an outsider looking in. His takes were witty, funny and laced with stories from his home country where he learned to speak multiple African languages and didn’t hesitate to slip into one of them every now and again. Noah has been truly a gift of comedy and culture to “The Daily Show.”

In his message to the audience, Noah explained that after seven years on the show, he felt it was the right time to move on. Noah told an audibly sad audience that hosting the show has been not only one of his greatest challenges but one of his greatest joys. He further explained that after spending two years in his apartment during the pandemic he realized he missed going to other countries and learning other languages.

But if you’re one of those people who needs time to adjust to the news, no worries, he’s not leaving right now. During the announcement he actually didn’t give a hard date, but he assured the audience he would sit behind the famous desk a little longer. I’m hoping for another five years, but I’m sure he has a shorter goodbye in mind. Watch the announcement below.

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