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Unearthed clip of Regis Philbin dressed as Shrek on the ‘Late Show’ is a Halloween treat

Sometimes you’re minding your business cruising the internet streets when you come across a random video that likely lives rent-free in someone’s head. Well, this gem of a video shows the late Regis Philbin doing an interview with David Letterman on the “Late Show,” except Philbin comes out fully made over as the lovable swamp ogre, Shrek. The episode is from 2009 and it’s still unexpectedly hilarious.

If you ever watched mid-morning television when you were home sick as a kid, then you probably know Regis Philbin from co-hosting “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.” The star constantly had Kathie Lee and their guests laughing with his daily antics, and after Kathie Lee passed her co-host duties to Kelly Ripa, Philbin’s humor didn’t stop. The fact that he showed up to an appearance on a talk show dressed head-to-toe as Shrek should’ve surprised no one. But Letterman appeared confused before recognizing the voice of the ogre standing before him.

When Letterman introduced Philbin and asked how he was doing, the then daytime talk show host explained that he made a mistake coming dressed as Shrek because he had to spend more than two hours getting ready. Two hours in costume and makeup for him to come on stage for less than five minutes. Philbin then laments that he had to spend another two hours sitting in the green room waiting for his turn to come up. That seems like some serious dedication to a silly prank but the audience and Letterman got a kick out of it. Check out the hilarious exchange below.

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