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Toddler’s reaction to finding out her mom was adopted is a love letter to families everywhere

Adoption can be a tricky topic, especially if you’re the one having to break the news to someone else. It’s a process that can bring families together but sometimes there’s not a sweet story to tell about the adoptee’s birth parents. The most people can do is work with the situation they were given and strive to make the best out of it. When one mom, Emily on TikTok, explained to her daughter that “Mimi” was her adoptive mom, the toddler’s reaction was so pure it will melt your heart.

In the short video you can see the mom pause when her daughter inquires, “Why is Mimi your mom?” It was as if Emily was quickly deciding if she would give a generic answer or tell her daughter the truth. She landed on telling the truth. She looks down at her daughter and says, “I was adopted actually.” You can hear the girl process what her mother was saying and with a tiny voice she asks why, before Emily tells her, matter of factly, “Because my mom didn’t want me.” The response from her daughter is so sweet that Emily captioned the video with “My heart will never be the same. She’s healed so much of my inner child for me🥹”

In 2019, more than 64,000 children were adopted in America. Emily sharing that she was adopted with her daughter and then with millions of TikTok users is a way to start a conversation about what adoption means and how different it can look for different people. The interaction is so sweet, it’s unclear how anyone would be able to keep a dry eye. Watch it below.


My heart will never be the same. She’s healed so much of my inner child for me🥹

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