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Jimmy Fallon asked people to share their best last-minute Halloween costume ideas

Most of us have been there—receiving a last-minute invite to some type of Halloween shindig, only to find ourselves without a costume. Maybe it’s due to being too busy to buy one, or from being habitual procrastinators, or maybe we initially felt a bit of holiday malaise and assumed we’d spend spooky season on the couch with Netflix instead of socializing. Whatever the reason—occasionally life forces us to get a little resourceful.

The great thing is—sometimes having to scramble makes for some truly out-of-the-box ideas, whether that’s a bonkers hodgepodge of whatever recycled costumes can be found in the closet or the use of household items and some really clever wordplay. Either way, it brings out the delightfully playful spirit of Halloween.

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon asked folks to share their own “last minute Halloween costumes” and you really can’t help but applaud the creativity that arises out of sheer desperation.

He even had his own to share, one that was quite brilliant:

One year I forgot a Halloween costume so I just spent the whole night holding on to the bathroom door and told everyone I was Jack from Titanic.

Below are some equally hilarious last-ditch efforts that became unexpected showstoppers. It might give you a ghoulish giggle and remind you that fun can be had even when cutting two holes into a sheet and pretending to be a ghost.

I needed last minute costume for work so i took a clear trash bag, cut leg holes, put it on, blew up a bunch of balloons, put them in the bag, pulled it up to my neck tied with a ribbon, and went as a bag of jellybeans! #LastMinuteCostume

— beckie cline (@beckie_cline) October 25, 2022

Now that’s creative. And tasty.

One year my husband didn’t want to wear a costume so I put a sign on him that said “Nudist on Strike”

— Tina Green (@Weestrawger) October 26, 2022

Talk about working with what you’ve got.

One year I decided last minute to be the green witch and stained my body with green paint #LastMinuteCostume

— Josh K (taylor’s version) (@TSmidnights1989) October 25, 2022

When a last-minute costume doesn’t wash off…

#LastMinuteCostume my two year old grandson said mimi mouse the other day, so I dressed like Minnie and painted MIMI on a shirt. He loved it!

— suziᎧᏬᏂframe (@suzi65) October 26, 2022

Well this is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

My wife and I dated long distance for about a year before we got married. She flew down day before Halloween and we had no costumes. Found stuff around the house and we went as a long distance relationship (305=miami & 215=Philly) #LastMinuteCostume

— Jason Bloom (@jbloom514) October 26, 2022

They’re going the distance…

One year when we were kids, I wore a black garbage bag that my mom cut holes in it for my head and arms, a traffic cone on my head and a broom…i was a witch #LastMinuteCostume

— Ann (@DunLahfAtMae) October 26, 2022

A traffic witch!

My family was supposed to be members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I was tired so I took a nap before we took off. I woke up, got dressed and went outside to join them only to find out that they changed themes and decided to become characters from their new favorite show Ghosts

— Phil Covert (@FeFiFoPhil) October 26, 2022

“Ghosts” is a British and American sitcom that features charming spirits of different decades. “Guardians of the Galaxy” is a Marvel comic book and movie series about a rogue group of space travelers. It’s practically the same show.

My best #LastMinuteCostume actually took me an hour, a microwave box, duct tape, a black marker and some red spread paint…but I was the Question Block from Super Mario Brothers. The best part? Chucking maximum velocity candy at my students in the hallway while yelling “DING!”

— NocturnalRevisions (@D_ustinB_aker) October 26, 2022

I bet the students loved it.

I dressed as a unicorn in an FBI black suit. Called myself the “Uniformed Unicorn.” #LastMinuteCostume

— Tana 🦄🎮🏳️‍🌈 (@MissMana55) October 25, 2022

Agent Sparkles, reporting for duty.

My son today for decades day at school. This was very much #LastMinuteCostume

— Megan Ellis (@ItzMe_Gun) October 25, 2022

The likeness is uncanny.

1yr my family was low on money & we forgot about an elementary school costume party. My dad threw an oversized jacket/shirt/tie, hat & a camera on me and said I was a “journalist”

I hated it. So embarrassed to be such a lame #LastMinuteCostume

15yr later…I became a journalist!

— Dillon Thomas (@DillonMThomas) October 25, 2022

When your costume becomes your destiny.

The klepto cruise ship ladies. We returned everything that ended up in our purses at the end of the day.#LastMinuteCostume

— Angela (@mealstreetktchn) October 25, 2022

Who doesn’t have an aunt that fits this bill?

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