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A newly single mom gets inspiring life advice from an internet ‘Bubbie’ who’s been there

Becoming a single mom isn’t easy, especially if it’s unexpected and you feel wholly unprepared. Recently, a newly single mom posted a tearful plea on TikTok asking for advice on how to navigate her new life. But she wasn’t without advice long, “TikTok Bubbie” stitched the video and responded explaining how she survived as an unexpectedly single mom in 1989.

The video was sweet and full of inspiration for single parents starting their journey. In the beginning of the video she explained that her ex-husband left her when her son was 4 years old and took all the money out of the bank account. Being suddenly single caused her to have to give up her acting career.

The internet Bubbie went on to tell the young mom, “I got furniture from the Salvation Army. That’s right, I got secondhand furniture. Secondhand clothes for me, my son never. He always was first in my book and still is to this day.” TikTok Bubbie wasn’t done, she made a second video to expand on her advice.

Navigating single parenthood usually means making sacrifices to make ends meet and dealing with loneliness. People don’t always understand the journey, and friends may come around less. Having a veteran mom that’s been there before you can be helpful and be just the push you need to keep moving forward.


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In the second video addressed to single parents, Bubbie advised, “Take care of yourself first. When you take care of yourself, you can take care of your kid.” There was even some dating advice thrown in. Watch that sweet clip below.


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