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Tiny ballerina spots her family in the crowd and cannot contain her absolute joy

A teeny, tiny red-tutu’d ballerina is taking the internet by storm for her absolutely heartwarming reaction when she realizes her family is cheering her on from the audience.

The now viral clip, which has been viewed a whopping 15.7 million times, was captured by Chelsea Krow while at her 3-year-old daughter Emmy’s dance recital. Her caption reads, “Pure joy when she finds her family in the crowd.”

The video shows the toddler frantically searching for some familiar faces during the company’s curtain call, when a voice off-camera yells “Emmy!” The second she sees where the voice is coming from, her expression literally melts into the sweetest ear-to-ear grin ever seen as she lights up with glee.

Wiping away happy tears, Emmy waves back to family, clearly ecstatic.

The video ended up uniting people over the importance of simply being there for young ones. Sometimes it’s the greatest gift we have to offer.

“Proof showing up matters,” wrote one person.

@mamakrow Pure joy when she finds her family in the crowd ❤️ #fyp #christmasrecital #christmasmagic #specialmoment ♬ Married Life (From “Up”) – Sergy el Som

Another shared, “As someone whose parents rarely ever showed up for me, THIS proves how very much showing up MATTERS! I’m 56 now and it still hurts.”

The video made some parents lament over missed events. One wrote, “This makes me cry, thinking of all the school performances of my children I have missed over the years because of school.” Others quickly came in to show compassion. One person commented, “Your children will one day understand, I used to be the kid that parents didn’t show up for but they were working hard for us.”

Others were just taken over by Emmy’s absolutely pure, totally infectious joy.

“That is the sweetest reaction to anything I’ve ever seen!” exclaimed one viewer.

As for the Krow family, they are equally thrilled that Emmy has given folks something to smile (and cry) about.

“We are so thrilled with the response and how positive everyone has been!” her mother told Good Morning America. “She has spread so much love and joy. It’s so nice to see humanity united in a positive way.”

Thanks Emmy, for melting our hearts. We’re rooting for you!

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