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Eight fun projects helping the UK boost biodiversity

From planting native wildflowers to leading mini-beast safaris, 5 projects that help people give nature a boost

1. Going native – Trees for Life

Image: Peter Cairns

Trees for Life is working to restore the Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands to one of the UK’s wildest landscapes. Volunteers have already planted more than 1m native trees, boosting habitat for red squirrels, rare sawflies, pine martens and ospreys.

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2. The call of nature – Giving Nature a Home, RSPB

Image: Eleanor Bentall

Type your postcode and a few details about your green space into to receive a personalised plan. It will pinpoint the species struggling near you and how you could help, from building nest boxes to installing hedgehog homes.


3. Sow what – Grow Wild

Grow Wild urges people to improve local spaces with native, pollinator-friendly wildflowers and plants. Sow a ‘virtual wildflower seed’ at and commit to actions such as scattering seeds and organising nature walks.


4. Making a beeline: Urban Buzz – Buglife

Urban Buzz aims to create eight ‘buzzing cities’ in England and Wales. Volunteers can help transform mown or unused areas of land into rich, connected habitats, from installing bee banks for nesting, to native meadows for forage.


5. Capital gains – London Wildlife Trust

London is packed with volunteering opportunities linked to biodiversity. London Wildlife Trust alone currently lists 49 ways to get involved. Its volunteering map urges everyone to get stuck in: from butterfly and bat surveying to leading mini-beast safaris and pond dipping sessions with kids.


Featured image: Trees for Life


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