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The reaction of these twins when one of them gets into Harvard is so wholesome

You know how you are scrolling through your favorite social media app and you come across a video that just makes you do that big cheesy grin at your phone? Come on, you know that dorky grin I’m talking about. The one that makes your cheeks hurt and eyes swell up for a bit before you realize you’re pushing your cart through the grocery store and people are looking at you weird. Yeah, that one – this video will do that to you.

You’ve been warned so you can’t say you were unaware of the delight it would bring. Two teens, Matthew and Magdalena Myslenski, who just happen to be twins were doing the stressful ritual of opening up “the mail” to see if Matthew got accepted into his dream school. The mail is in quotes because teens don’t receive paper acceptance letters anymore, they receive emails. Bonus points for no paper cuts.

Matthew applied to Harvard, his top choice and you could practically see the two holding their breath while he worked to click the button. Getting accepted into the ivy league school is something the teen has been working on since elementary school and is currently the top 10 of his class according to NBC Connecticut.

The teen’s twin sister has already been admitted into Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, so all eyes were on Matthew. Since Matthew has cerebral palsy, a condition that affects movement, balance and posture, getting prepared to apply to a big name school like Harvard took work. “Not only did I have to challenge myself academically, I had to physically work to get to a point that I can do what I want to do,” Matthew told NBC Connecticut.

Magdalena is also proud of her brother’s hard work, she told NBC, “I get so excited every time I get to talk about it because obviously Matthew worked so hard for this.” The moment is so dang wholesome that you can’t help be be excited for him. If you’re ready to smile like a jack-o-lantern lit up for Halloween, watch the video below.

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