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A rescue dog was finally reunited with her puppies after she refused to leave the corner of a room

People surrender animals to Humane Societies for all kinds of reasons, but many do it because they don’t feel like they can properly care for their animals anymore. It could be that they have to move to a home that doesn’t allow pets or they lost a job, making caring for an animal difficult.

Two small dogs were surrendered to Marin Humane Society in Novato, California and the female had recently given birth to puppies. It’s not clear if the previous owners felt like they couldn’t care for both the older dogs and the puppies so they just kept the puppies, or if something else prompted the drop-off.

Either way, this mama dog was in distress after being left at the shelter without her babies. She refused to leave the corner of the large kennel and just looked so sad. The employees felt for the sweet mama dog and decided to do some detective work to see if they could figure out where the puppies were located.

After some careful sleuthing, Marin Humane Society workers located the puppies and convinced the owner to surrender them. According to the animal shelter’s YouTube caption, the puppies were not yet old enough to be separated from their mother and were not in a safe situation. There are no details about the condition of the home or reasons the dogs were surrendered in the first place, but boy are those chubby little babies cute.

With mama still hiding in her corner, one of the shelter employees started taking puppies out of a crate and showing them to the sad dog. It took her a minute, but once she realized that these just may be her babies, she perked up and came to have a sniff. Within seconds her tail started spinning like a helicopter propeller and shortly after her puppies’ tails started wagging right along with hers.

Even though the video is from 2016, it’s so sweet that it’s making the rounds again. Watch the heartwarming reunion below:

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