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‘Saturday Night Live’ turns ‘Mario Kart’ into a gritty HBO drama and people are obsessed

Pedro Pascal and HBO seem to be a match made in pop culture heaven. His role in the fourth season of “Game of Thrones” shot him to notoriety. He’s currently starring in “Last of Us,” which also boasts a massive viewership.

And now, thanks to one epic “Saturday Night Live” skit, fans are clamoring to see Pascal take on a new role—a brooding, hardened, princess smuggling Mario.

The faux trailer imagines the video game Mario Kart as a quintessential HBO drama. Mario (Pascal) has to use his driving skills to get Princess Peach (played by Chloe Fineman) through an apocalyptic Mushroom Kingdom.

Fans were in love with both the fun nods to the game sprinkled throughout the video, plus the fact that the production value looked insane.


“Pedro Pascal delivering the most brooding and serious “It’s-a-me” is not something I knew I needed in my life,” wrote one person.

Another added, “Snl doesn’t always make great skits but when they do we get masterpieces like this.”

I think this this person pretty much summed up the collective response:

“If this would be a movie I would 100% watch it.”

Though fans might not be seeing Mario brought to life quite this way anytime soon, their favorite adventuring plumber will be taking to the big screen on April 7 for Universal’s “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” starring Chris Pratt, Anya-Taylor-Joy and Jack Black.

Until then, just watch this video on repeat.

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