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Irish dancer Morgan Bullock is getting rave reviews for her delightfully ‘Savage’ routine

If you somehow missed Irish dance extraordinaire and viral sensation Morgan Bullock, you’re in for a treat.

Back in 2020, the then 20-year-old performer posted a video of her jigging to a remixed version of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage,” also featuring the vocals of Beyoncé. As the internet is wont to fawn over unexpected mashups, it’s no wonder that the clip sent folks into a frenzy online.

Honestly, after watching Bullock’s slick, rhythmic choreography perfectly complement the song’s attitude, you might start thinking Irish dancing and hip-hop are a match made in music heaven.


@morgvn.elizabeth #irishdance #fyp #keepingactive #spacethings #foryou ♬ Savage Remix – Megan Thee Stallion

Once Bullock’s video started gaining traction, the compliments began rolling in, including from those who felt like she was putting a positive, modern day spotlight on the traditional dance.

Here are just a few comments scattered throughout social media:

“From all in Ireland, we love what you are doing. Well done and we here appreciate such a wonderful dancer.”

“This makes Ireland proud. Maith thu 🇮🇪🇺🇸”

“Old Irish-American guy here: you are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! The world needs more artistry such as yours.”

Though she had trained in various styles her whole life, Bullock told Good Morning America that she became “mesmerized” by Irish dancing the moment she first saw it, and quickly gravitated towards it—even dreaming of one day performing with the world-renowned Riverdance troupe.

That dream came true. Below is a picture of Bullock, making her debut as the first Black female Irish dancer to tour with Riverdance ever. TikTok really can be a wonderful thing.

Opening night here at the wonderful Van Wezel Hall in Sarasota, Florida. We are delighted to be back on stage in the US – here’s to a wonderful six months of doing what we love most! ❤️#riverdance #sarasota #florida #dance #inspire #passion #vanwezel

— Riverdance (@Riverdance) January 11, 2023

Now that her lifelong wish is fulfilled, Bullock hopes that her story and TikTok posts continue to inspire a love for the dance—even for those who, like her, might not typically encounter it.

“It’s an amazing art form that should be shared,” she told GMA.

Want even more hip-hop Irish dance numbers? Follow Bullock on TikTok here.

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