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Dad gives his young daughter a ‘spa day’ while mom and sister are out and people are gushing

Raising kids is no small feat. Just the basic logistics of caring for a human being from their helpless newborn stage to the full-fledged adult stage is a lot, much less doing the countless other things that will actually help that human thrive.

Parents who go above and beyond to create a nurturing environment and build strong core memories with their kids are inspiring examples for us all, and one dad’s spa day with his daughter has people positively gushing.

Mason Smith (@thedadsocial) shared a video of a special spa day he gave his young daughter when her mom and older sister were having their own pampered outing. “Mom and sister went to the salon so I couldn’t have her feeling left out,” he wrote.

The video shows Smith putting his daughter’s hair up and gently rubbing a homemade avocado mask on her face. He then appears to attempt to do something with the cucumber slices (which usually go over the eyes but may not feel particularly comfy for the preschool set).

Next comes the moisturizer, which the sweet dad smoothed into his daughter’s face and neck, massaging her temples and tickling her ears as he went. She clearly loves it.

Next up: some hairstyling, with spritzes and pigtails, followed by a nice little mani-pedi.

It’s as soothing to watch as it must have been to experience:

People in the comments raved about what a simple-yet-special day Smith created for his little girl.

“Every girl deserves a daddy like this, 🥺❤️” wrote one person.

“I really miss my dad, he was a great friend and same like this, even when I was 18, he use to help me straighten my hair, but he’s no more, passed away on Feb 10th.. missing you dadaaaa,” wrote another.

One commenter said it made them “cry in an incredibly cathartic way” and thanked him for being “this kind of dad” and “sharing it with pride.”

“She will never forget her daddy,” shared another. “This is fantabulous. She loves what he is doing and she admires and loves him for taking the time to make her feel special like mommy. God Bless.”

“This healed a part of me. Thank you for doing this with your daughter,” wrote another.

This isn’t Smith’s first foray into at-home-spa-day-making with his daughter. Another video shows him pampering both of his daughters in this way and it’s just as precious.

It doesn’t take a lot to let your kids know they are loved, and these kinds of special moments go a long way. Three cheers for good dads.

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