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Incredible service dog catches a home run at a baseball game

One of a fan’s greatest thrills watching a live baseball game is catching a home run ball. For dog lovers, the only thing better than catching one yourself is letting your dog do the honors.

On Saturday, March 25, a Dodger fan wearing a “K-9” jersey was over the moon after his dog caught a home run ball during a spring training game at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona. The dog was wearing a service dog vest, which made his amazing feat even sweeter.

The Dodgers were losing to the Kansas City Royals 5-2 in the 7th inning when prospect Michael Busch put a ball over the fence. After the scramble for the ball on the outfield lawn was settled, a joyous-looking canine could be seen proudly holding the ball in its mouth.

The dog looked like it’s played more than a few rounds of fetch in its day.

The crowd erupted in cheers to salute the lucky dog. After a brief struggle, his owner, wearing the K-9 jersey, took the ball from the dog’s mouth and held it high above his head in celebration.

u201cFetch never rests ud83dude24u201d

— Cut4 (@Cut4)

The video received some of the cutest responses on Twitter.

“Sign the dog @Dodgers,” @mookiebag wrote.

“Service dog really being a service,” @tonyforthemostpart added.

Many folks also hoped that the man in the K-9 jersey handed the ball to a kid after the celebration.

Sadly, that was the last bit of excitement for the Dodger fans at the game. The Royals won the game 6-3. The dog has yet to be signed to a major league contract.

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