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Pit bull throws the most adorably sad tantrum when his foster sister steals his toy

Everyone knows that favorite toys are off-limits. Parents often have rules around sharing but most will draw the line at making their kids share a favorite toy.

Turns out, dog owners should probably also have this firm line in the sand for their four-legged friends as well, as evidenced by TikTok user @bosstalk843‘s video of a distraught pit bull who was just aggressively robbed of his favorite bone.

Well, “aggressively robbed” is maybe an overexaggeration, but it was a crime if you ask the crying pooch. In the video that’s been viewed 1.6 million times, the pit bull is lying on his back looking at his owner seemingly in distress. We quickly learn why after feeling sorry for the clearly upset dog—his new and much smaller foster sister took his toy while he was still playing with it.

The text on the screen reads, “He’s sad!!! My 20-pound foster puppy stole a bone out of my 60-pound pit bull’s mouth and this was his reaction.”

The dog makes pitiful noises that can only be described as a cross between a howl and a whine, all while looking to his human for assistance. But the human isn’t much help.

“Why would she do that? It was so rude,” the person off-camera says while sounding sympathetic to the sad dog’s dilemma. He tries to convince the crying dog to simply take the bone back, but that would mean ending his dramatics and it’s evident that this dog is going for his first Oscar. The foster puppy is completely unaware that she has just singlehandedly ruined her foster brother’s life.

Here’s hoping this sweet boy eventually got his bone back, or at the very least, won the Academy Award for best dramatic performance. Watch his antics below:


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