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‘SNL’ did a fake dog school commercial and it went hilariously off the rails

As the old show business adage goes, “never work with children or animals.” Neither really care about sticking to the script, and that unpredictability can’t help but steal the scene.

But, hey, sometimes it makes for a hilarious skit.

Saturday Night Lives”’s April 14 episode introduced us to “Enter Stage Woof, Dog Acting School,” where zany dog trainers Yolanda Batista (played by Ana de Armas) and Donna Colonoscopini (played by Chloe Finemen) advertise a “semi-accredited” acting school for pups who “know they’re hot” and are ready to take on Hollywood.

While de Armas and Fineman worked well together, their six canine co-stars went completely off the rails.

From Henry, the deadpan golden retriever who simply refused to show his face, to Romeo, to the collie who left poor Fineman on the stage with a mouth full of cold spaghetti after a “Lady and The Tramp” bit gone wrong, these doggos and their complete lack of cooperation kept the actresses on their toes.


Absolute chaos right? But pure comedy gold.

Folks in the Youtube comments sections seemed to think so:

“Not a single dog did what it was supposed to do, 10/10.”

“When SNL brings actual dogs onto a skit you immediately know it’s gonna be hilarious.”

“When you got a 100% success rate at getting a dog to do the opposite of what you want it to, you know that is some top notch training!”

Dogs might not always be the best actors, but they are natural entertainers.

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