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Dog’s best friend is his ‘crazy uncle’ and their hijinks keep their family entertained

People get dogs for companionship. We’ve all heard the old trope that dogs are man’s best friend, and typically that means best friends with their designated human. You know, the one who feeds them, pays their vet bills and provides them with shelter. It would make sense that the ones they live with are their default favorite human.

Unless you’re a pit bull named Einstein. This short, stout, wide-smiling dog only has eyes for his uncle who likes to stop by the house Einstein shares with his uncle’s sister to rile the dog up. Of course, the dog doesn’t mind Uncle Hans’ encouraging shenanigans. The two have formed a special bond through their play. Hans even gets down on Einstein’s level and plays tug-of-war with the dog. Yes, he (the human) puts the stick in his mouth, too. How else would tug-of-war work?

Frida, the pit bull’s owner and Hans’ sister, is constantly entertained by the pair, calling her brother the “funcle.”

“He loves playing with Einstein, and then it just started rolling and they got crazier and crazier,” Frida told The Dodo. “Hans just goes down to Einstein’s level. Einstein looks at him like he is the best friend in the whole world.”

The two of them wear matching outfits including matching snow suits because cold weather doesn’t slow the best bud duo down. Hans runs, jumps and rolls around on the ground with the dog every time they have a playdate. The pitty and his uncle even play practical jokes on Einstein’s owner.

Their relationship is entirely too cute and a must-see, below:

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