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Vet tech hilariously reenacts how different dog breeds react to nail clippings

All dogs are different, but specific breeds have unique tendencies that are recognizable to people who know dogs. And few people know dogs as well as veterinarians, vet techs and dog groomers. Vets are animal experts, of course, but many people take their dogs to get cleaned and primped far more frequently than they take them in for health checkups, so groomers see a huge range of dog breeds on a regular basis.

Basically, if you want to know about typical dog breed behavior, look to the people who trim their claws, whether they work at an animal clinic or the PetSmart grooming salon.

A TikTok video from @ktbergeron shows what appears to be two vet techs doing a reenactment of how different dog breeds respond to having their nails clipped, and it’s hilariously spot-on.

By “reenactment,” I mean full-on, “human on the grooming table on all fours acting like a dog.” It’s truly something to behold—and especially fun if you’ve actually owned one of these dog breeds.

First comes the Pug, who goes feral, writhing on its back as the tech tries to get hold of its paw. Next, the anxious Chihuahua, who doesn’t want anyone to come near her. Third, the friendly Pit Bull whose tail wags so forcefully its paw can’t stay still. Then comes the Golden Retriever, who obliges but with some seriously trepidatious side-eye. And finally, the Beagle, who…well, that one you just have to hear.



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People in the comments are rolling over the accuracy.

“The biblically accurate beagle howl 😭😭😭😭😭.”

“LMAOOO why is the pug one so accurate 😭😂.”

“The golden retriever side eye is so relatable.”

“Beagles really come with their own sound effects.”

“Tengo un chihuahua, un pug y una beagle y SUPER CONFIRMO 😭😂

Commenters were also clamoring for them to do other breeds, with many people specifically requesting she do a Husky. The other big request was that the tech be given an Oscar for her performance.

What a fun way to kill some downtime at work. It sounds like everyone agrees a Part Two is in order as well. Perhaps a Jack Russell Terrier and a Shih Tzu next, please?

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