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10 things that made us smile this week

It’s almost the end of April, which means the days are getting longer, the flowers are a-poppin’ and the smell of spring is in the air. For those of us who live where winter is snowy and cold, it feels like we’re finally fully thawed and it’s finally time to break out the short sleeves, sandals and sunscreen.

Spring also means animal babies, and this week’s list of smileworthy finds kicks off with a brand-new baby elephant learning how to walk. Seriously, the purest thing ever. Further down the list, we’ve also got a brand-new human baby being introduced to family and friends for the first time, and it’s also the purest thing ever. The wonder of new life feels fresh and pure every time.

From the beauty of babies to the moving poetry of a 95-year-old woman to a fabulous, head-boppin’ hip-hop-meets-Star-Wars musical mash-up, this week’s list is filled with a wide range of human joy.


1. Is there anything sweeter than this newborn baby elephant figuring out how its legs work?

u201cFirst steps of a baby elephant.. ud83dude0au201d

— Buitengebieden (@Buitengebieden)

Just one foot in front of the other…oops, not that foot, though. Keep on trying, lil’ one!

2. Golden Retriever greets delivery driver in the most classically Golden Retriever way.

So chill. So trusting. So sweet.

3. Vet techs reenact how different dog breeds react to nail clippings


What #breed do you have?😜 #veterinarian #vettechlife #veterinary #arkanimalhospital #nailclipping

That beagle howl, though. Spot on. Read the full story here.

4. Singer takes issue with the word ‘pineapple,’ and delightful etymological chaos ensues


The most OFFENSIVE word in the English Language? #offense #word #language #cancelculture #pineapple #linguistics #fyp #foryou #help

“Hey, can you please open the windowwink so I can see the hotdoglemon I’m slicing into my morninggravel? Thanks.”

5. They didn’t tell anyone they’d had their baby and then recorded their loved ones’ surprised reactions

So much joy, but that last one was the best.

6. Sweet 12-year-old gets choked up while singing for his parents’ vow renewal


The bravest son singing for his parents vow renewal 🥺✨🙏🏼

Oh, what a lovely moment, and such a sweet kiddo! Awesome voice, too. Read the full story here.

7. Watch this 13-year-old wow the judges of Britain’s Got Talent with his incredible magic show

You know when you make Simon Cowell’s jaw drop, you’ve done something special. Read the full story here.

8. Grab a tissue and read this poem written by a 95-year-old woman with dementia

Swipe to see the poetry prompt they’re referring to. It’s wonderful how poems can allow us express ourselves in truly magical ways.

9. A man picked up three day workers and took them to Disneyland—while paying them for a day’s work


Their smiles say it all 🥹

Look at the childlike smiles on those faces. What better gift than a day of Disney delight? Read the full story here.

10. Smile and dance your way through the weekend with this ‘Star Wars’ hip-hop remix


I mean, I would like this mix😂 #starwars #starwarsedit #thisishowwedoit #oldschool

“This is how we Imperial March.” Ha! Such a blast.

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