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Construction workers take time out of their day to let a toddler be part of the job

There are many reasons why toddlers are fascinated by construction workers and their equipment. The loud noises, flashing lights, and sheer size of these machines can be both exciting and intimidating, which creates a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Construction toys also offer a type of play that is easy for kids to understand. Toy construction trucks do simple things; they dig, transport sand and roll around on wheels. They also give kids a sense of power and control, which is alluring and comforting to them.

“Little ones love big trucks like diggers because to a preschooler, those trucks seem larger than life,” Crystal Paschal, early childhood educator and founder of the website Feminist Books for Kids, told Romper. “They are real machines that do the work of superheroes. Diggers, bulldozers and cranes stimulate their imaginations and allow them to picture themselves controlling something big and powerful.”

The tremendous feeling that young children get when seeing construction workers in action is a big reason why so many people have fallen in love with a video posted to TikTok by a user named @iwishicouldsleep.

Since it was posted on April 6, it has received over 16.5 million views.


Literally tell me youve seen something cuter. I cant stop sending this to people ☺️☺️

In the video, a giddy young boy and his guardian watch an excavator and crew of workers from a safe distance as they dig up a suburban street. The boy and his guardian placed a toy dump truck between the workers and themselves and the difference in size is a unique juxtaposition of a child’s fantasy world with that of working adults. Then, the long arm of the excavator dumps some sand into the back of the boy’s truck, and for the toddler, the scene is pure bliss.

It’s a sweet moment and a testament to the worker’s skill that they could drop the dirt on such a tiny target.

People on TikTok couldn’t get enough of the wholesome video.

“Wonderful gesture that the child will never forget, great job dude,” Gary wrote. “Also, let’s applaud the finesse of that operator! This is awesome,” Mibbecakes added.

“Why did I just start crying?! This is so pure,” Juliana wrote.

The touching moment wasn’t just great for the child; it had to be moving for the construction workers, too. They have to take pride in the fact that their work can bring people such joy. “Every one of those workers’ spirits were lifted up by that. Not to mention the child and his mother’s!” wrote Kellymanfredibl25.

In another video posted on April 17, the construction workers got to hang out and take a photo with the little boy. For the occasion, he put on a construction helmet and vest and posed with his dump truck. It was even more special because it was his third birthday.

“They all wanted to meet the star today!! Big man turned 3,” iwishicouldsleep wrote.


They all wanted to meet the star today!! Big man turned 3 🥹

The video is a great way of reminding people that some of the simplest gestures can give a young kid (or a big one!) a memory of a lifetime. Sometimes all it takes is just a few minutes.

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