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Mom protects her young children from a swarm of bees as she’s stung 75 times

Bees are probably one of the most confusing insects right now because they’re endangered, but also your instinct is to slap them away if they get too close. Bee stings hurt and their being on the endangered list doesn’t make their stings any more pleasant. But with warm weather and flowers come bees ready to carry pollen on their furry bee legs and make delicious honey.

As long as they conduct their business away from people with exposed body parts, people tend to leave them alone. Again, being stung kinda sucks. Unfortunately, humans and bees cross paths fairly often, and for one mom in Arizona, that meant she and her children experienced a terrifying ordeal when running into a swarm.

The mom was trying to get pictures of her daughters in a field of flowers after Arizona had a “super bloom,” when they were attacked by a swarm of bees.

Being attacked by a swarm of bees is enough to make just about anyone panic, but this mom’s protective instincts immediately kicked in. The mama bear scooped up both of her children and got them into the car, shutting the door so the bees wouldn’t get to them, but in doing so she was trapped outside being repeatedly stung.

The mom, who was likely now in a great deal of pain, did the one thing she could think of and that was to call her own mother, who then called 911.

“My daughter can’t get in the car, she’s being attacked by bees,” the worried grandmother told the dispatcher. “My granddaughters are with her, please send some help.”

Thankfully, the mom’s quick thinking saved her daughters, and when firefighters arrived in full protective gear, they were able to get everyone to safety and spray the bees with foam to subdue them. The mom was stung 75 times and was hospitalized after the incident but is reportedly doing now well.

“She of course wanted to protect her babies, which most moms would, and to have the foresight to pick them up and get them in the car under that much duress is really impressive,” Ashley Losch, Public Information Officer for Arizona Medical and Fire Authority, told Good Morning America.

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