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Special ring that tells people you’re single created for folks tired of dating apps

Why, it feels like it was only yesterday when dating apps were the shiny new trend in the singles world. However, with life becoming increasingly more virtual, many people are looking to become less dominated by screens. As a result, folks are once again hoping to find love from an authentic connection IRL. Swiping just isn’t as romantic (or cutting edge) as it used to be.

That’s where the Pear ring comes in. Self dubbed as the “world’s biggest social experiment,” this $25 brightly colored blue ring offers something classic, with a twist. Basically, folks wear it out to signal they’re single and ready to mingle. Almost like the opposite of an engagement ring, really.

By wearing their Pear ring anywhere and everywhere—the gym, the coffee shop, at an event, etc—single people would theoretically open up more of those kismet interactions, without having to be constantly online.

According to the Pear ring website, the first release has already sold out, with the second release ending soon. And while there’s no hard data sharing just how many people have purchased, the company ambitiously aims to have “millions” donning one.

Hard to say if the trend will take hold, but folks are certainly talking about it. Television personality Alison Hammond was seen on “This Morning” wearing one, or at least something similar to the Pear ring with the same symbolism. According to The Mirror, she said, “More people are wanting to meet people out and about and having a green ring might be a good idea so that people know you’re single.”

“As you can see, I’ve got my single ring on,” she said.

Meanwhile on TikTok, reviews seem mixed, with some feeling like this public display is out of their comfort zone. Others felt like it could help them avoid the awkwardness of going up to a person they like and finding out they’re already committed. Or for those who are just introverted overall, this would be a great way to passively initiate.

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This comment seems to really cover the gamut: “It does feel Black Mirror-ish, but also imagine being in Trader Joe’s and knowing who’s single… A dream.”

One thing seems to be certain—people miss genuine connection and want a romantic landscape that protects their mental health. We see this in multiple aspects of dating, from a recent uptick in “sober dates,” where singles share a fitness class instead of meeting at a bar, to mixing dating with travel adventures, to dating outside of a normal “type” to simply setting stronger boundaries.

Sure, online dating might not be a thing of the past just yet. But it is cool to see that social experiments like the Pear ring exist, so that, if nothing else, we can be reminded that there is always a way to prioritize humanity no matter how high-tech our modern world becomes.

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