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A cat on TikTok is setting an example for human dads as he intuitively cares for his partner

You don’t often hear about male cats hanging around much after kittens are born, but maybe it’s because they don’t live with the mama cat. It could also be because most indoor cats are fixed, so cat dads don’t get to flex their parental abilities. But there’s a cat family on TikTok that has been shattering the tomcat stereotype, because Santos, who recently welcomed kittens with his partner, Poppy, is showing people how it’s done.

In the first video, Poppy is in labor, and Santos, the black cat, is right by her side. He climbs into the box and offers support through gentle touches with his paws. His attentiveness to the laboring mother of his kittens is making humans take notes. Santos looks to not only rub the orange tabby cat’s back while she’s laboring but give her snuggles when the babies are born.

If they weren’t cats it would look like a supportive soon-to-be dad taking care of his laboring wife. The fact that they’re cats just ups the “aww” factor.

But the cuteness overload didn’t end with the first video. Santos and Poppy’s owner uploaded a couple of updates that not only continued to show that Santos is an attentive partner, but an involved dad as well. Are there “how to be a dad” classes for cats that we don’t know about? Judging by the comments, Santos may be needed to teach the class to some human dads out there.

“That kitty had more affection than ALL my exes put together,” one woman wrote.

“Human fathers should be taking tips,” another wrote, complete with a nail painting emoji.

While there are plenty of human dads out there that are extremely supportive partners, commenters were focused on how a cat could be more intuitive than those humans who are not.


Best dad award goes to Santos ❤️🐈‍⬛ PS My boy has been neutered (thanks for the correction) not too long ago, she will also be fixed whenever shes ready #catsoftiktok #fyp #babydaddy #dadcat

In a different video, the papa cat is left to make sure the kittens go potty while mama cat takes a break. The entire series of videos is beyond cute and a must watch for a serotonin boost.


🐈‍⬛ still the best dad (Dont worry, he is fixed now and its all under supervision) #catsoftiktok #babydaddy #kittensoftiktok #lovestory

And while the black cat makes an excellent dad, this will be his only chance at fatherhood. After many comments around getting the cats fixed, the person who runs the cat account reported that he is indeed fixed now and Poppy will also be spayed soon. For now, people can just enjoy the happy cat family content. Who knows, maybe Santos will pop the question and we’ll get a cat wedding to look forward to.


🐈‍⬛ still the best dad (Dont worry, he is fixed now and its all under supervision) #catsoftiktok #babydaddy #kittensoftiktok #lovestory

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