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A circle was drawn on the sidewalk with the words ‘dance here,’ and people didn’t disappoint

Imagine going about your day, a million things weighing on your mind, when suddenly you see a red circle drawn on the sidewalk. Next to it, a sign reads, “Dance Here.” Would you bust a move?

That’s certainly what this group of random Californians did.

A Youtube user by the name of Thoraya conducted a lighthearted social experiment where she placed a red circle on the ground with the words “Dance Here” written next to it. Anytime someone would walk across the circle, music would begin to play.

The result is 10 beautiful minutes of strangers dancing their hearts out. Friends grooving together, old folks proving they still got it, kids twirling and stomping around. Disco moves, stanky legs, bike wheelies, chest bumps, moonwalks…just a celebration of humanity in its purest form.


Just lovely, right? Others seemed to think so too. Here are a few of the comments from Youtube:

“If there was a 24hr live cam of this I would watch it all day. I don’t want it to stop. Pure ecstatic dance energy.”

“And…there come the tears :’) I don’t know why but I find these types of videos to be so moving. There’s just something so beautiful and touching about seeing people united by a random, lighthearted gesture like this.”

“That is amazing! Just pure joy and happiness, it’s so heartwarming, I love it!! These people are all so different, yet they all agreed to randomly dance on the street.”

“You and THIS are exactly what the world needs more of. Thank you for bringing this joy to everyone.”

“I hope we never lose art, whether it be dance, music, or just sharing this world of ours. It lets me know everything will be OK as long we share the joy and wonder it gives.”

Thoraya’s channel has all kinds of projects that inspire connection. Some are simple, asking strangers deeply personal questions like “Tell me about your first love” or “What’s the worst thing you’ve done to please someone else?” Others are more interactive, like the dance circle or having strangers meet and carry on a conversation without ever seeing each other. Each one is uniquely touching and healing.

Thank you, Thoraya, for bringing us all back to our joy and reminding us that we really do have more in common than we think.

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