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Beyoncé fan shows off dance moves so impressive that people want him on the ‘Renaissance’ tour

Since May 10, 2023, Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour has been in full swing. And with a performer known for her show-stopping dance routines, you can bet that many loyal fans have picked up a move or two and plan to bust them out during a concert.

But one fan with some seriously next-level dance skills seems to be on par with Queen Bey herself. People are so enamored with his choreography that they are calling for him to become an actual tour performer.

A viral video shows the mysterious dancer unofficially warming up the crowd at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland, before Beyoncé was set to arrive, bringing audiences to life with his enthusiastic strutting, spinning and sashaying across the stage.

After receiving thousands of views, the video eventually made its way to Frankie Duncan, our previously unnamed dancer. Duncan immediately reposted the video to his account, writing in the caption: “The fact that I have become Beyoncé’s unofficial warm up at her concert has me GAGGED!”

@frankieduncan76 The fact that I have become Beyoncé’s unofficial warm up at her concert has me GAGGED! #beyonce #dancer #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Frankie Duncan

Other videos capturing the dance from different angles began pouring in from other concertgoers, who unanimously hailed Duncan’s impromptu number as “phenomenal” and declared his talents should be in the actual show.

“SERVED. ATE & LEFT NO CRUMBS,” one person commented.

“*starts a petition for Beyoncé to hire him*” wrote another.

Duncan’s viral dance moves eventually scored him an interview with Edinburgh News, where he shared that dancing to pop music was a passion ignited by his sister Trisha when they were both just kids and learning “Britney moves” together.

After Trisha passed away in 2019, Duncan fell “out of touch” with dancing—a relatable scenario for many, to be sure. But he had recently been getting back into the hobby as a form of “therapy.”

While “buzzing” in anticipation for Beyoncé, Duncan had a “spur of the moment” idea to bust a move. What began as a “wee boogie” quickly escalated into something much bigger after the crowd started cheering. After that, Duncan just “went for it.”

“I had an instant rush of adrenaline and it was like a fire in my feet that went from the souls of my feet all the way, and I just went into ‘Frankie entertainer mode’” he recalled.

And now, after having danced his heart out to an artist Trisha was a “huge fan” of and becoming widely recognized for it, Duncan describes the surreal moment as something out of a “fairytale.”

“I know that if [Trisha] was here right now then she would be so proud, so the last few days have made me emotional that my name is just alongside Beyoncé!” he said. We are also very proud of you, Frankie. Keep spreading joy!
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