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Woman squeals with delight as a raccoon ‘orders’ a doughnut from a Dunkin’ drive-thru

As Samantha Jane Guptil pulled into her local Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru, she was delightfully shocked to see that she wasn’t the only one having a sweet craving that day.

In a short clip posted to her TikTok, Guptil narrates as a friendly raccoon waltzes up and cuts in front of her in the drive-thru line to order his very own doughnut.

Yes, you read that right.

“What in the world? My dude. He wants some Dunkin’ Donuts,” Guptil can be heard saying in the video (and honestly, can you blame him?) as Mr. Raccoon approaches the takeout window.

Without missing a beat, the drive-thru worker politely hands him a white frosted doughnut, allowing the critter to scurry off with a delicious treat. Guptil can be heard squealing with delight.

@samguptuppy #Raccoon at #Dunkin ♬ original sound – Samantha Jane Guptil

Guptil wasn’t the only one totally won over by the adorable exchange. Her video soon went mega-viral with over 21 million views and 4 million likes. Besides fawning over just how stinking cute he was, people surmised that this wasn’t the raccoon’s first time making a doughnut run.

“There’s no way this isn’t a daily thing for the raccoon and the workers lol that was far too casual,” wrote another TikTok commenter. “I love it!”

Another added, “That’s his spot. He knows he’s getting one.”

Even Guptil wrote that “he must be a regular.”

Others joked that the raccoon gave Dunkin’ some free advertising.

“If they had a buy the raccoon’s daily donut option I would 100% do that,” one person quipped.

“Dunkin’ has to use this for a commercial!” wrote another.

Raccoons are often misunderstood as devious, dirty, disease-carrying pests. But maybe the truth is, raccoons are just like us—warm-blooded mammals doing their best to get by, who need a sugar rush every once in a while.

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