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Mom discovered her daughter had secret worms in her pockets and people can’t stop laughing

Kids will absolutely test all parts of your personality. Not out of malicious intent, but simply because kids are innocent and don’t don’t understand unspoken social rules, especially when they’re very little. One of those seemingly common sense unspoken social rules is that you don’t go to the nail salon with worms in your pockets.

Scratch that, you don’t walk around with worms in your pocket, period. That is unless you’re on a fishing boat and you’re in charge of bait and you run out of room in the canister filled with worms. I mean, there are a lot of things that would have to come into play to make having worms in your pocket socially acceptable. But kids don’t know that, and one little girl, Kylee Grace, gave her mom a shock after they left the nail salon one day.

In the video posted to TikTok, which has now gone mega-viral with over 11.5 million views, Kylee and her mom are walking down the sidewalk after getting their nails done. Jenae, the little girl’s mom, asks her daughter if she has a worm in her pocket. Then things quickly get hilariously weird.

Kylee stops and looks like she doesn’t want to answer her mom’s question before quietly saying, “Yeah.” You guys, she has a worm in her pocket.

“Why do you have a worm in your pocket?” Jenae rightfully asks.

“I don’t know,” Kylee says.

After her mom tells her to get the worm out of her pocket, the girl holds up the earthworm and it starts moving, which again, shocks Jenae. Because how is it still alive after spending who knows how long in the pocket of a little kid? The poor little confused worm is finally released back into the wild with fresh air, but Mom’s intuition kicks in, so she asks if Kylee has any more worms.

The little girl pulls out two handfuls of live earthworms that are likely thankful that Kylee was caught so they could get back to living their best life in someone’s yard. People in the comments thought the entire situation was hilarious and some even suggested that she get a worm farm.

“I was expecting one from each pocket she grabbed the whole family,” one commenter wrote.

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee get her a worm farm she deserves it man,” someone said.

“Definitely a future biologist!!! Mom get her a small aquarium fill it with soil, let her put her worms in it and WATCH her shine” another wrote.

“How she got 37 worms in her pocket but just pulled out 1. I cried,” someone commented.


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Some of the commenters had a very important question, where did she get all of those worms? Turns out, she stuffed them in her pockets at daycare. Look, Kylee and her worms are going places. The little girl never really admitted why she had the worms outside of her liking them, but there had to be a plan. Maybe Jenae will take some of the commenters up on their advice and buy her a worm farm to encourage her love for worms. All I know is, laundry day is going to be a weird, slimy game of Russian roulette.

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