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Teen upset with parents for not picking him up, tells comical story about his first Uber ride

Teenagers are an interesting bunch. They are still very much children and at times behave that way but they also want to be treated like adults. It’s a paradox of behaviors that can sometimes result in parents getting lectured by their teen, which is exactly what happened to one couple when they couldn’t pick up their son.

Iyonna Bland uploaded a video to TikTok showing her son Caleb starting to lecture his parents about not being there to pick him up from football practice. The parents are generally early to pick him up but on this day, Bland was stuck in meetings all day and her husband was also working unable to collect the teen from practice. Obviously, the teen was not left to fend for himself. Bland ordered an Uber for her son when they realized neither would be off in time to pick him up.

But Caleb was not impressed with their choices and decided to let them know exactly how he was feeling.

“I wasn’t even supposed to talk to you today. I was supposed to have an attitude but I had to fake it, “Caleb says. “First of all, y’all already know I don’t like no rain, so I’m sitting outside after football practice, after hours. Y’all were supposed to been there 15 minutes early.”

The teen’s mom can be heard laughing but he is still not amused, and looks like a parent scolding a child. Gosh darn it, mom take him seriously, he means business. Caleb goes on to explain that he’s had football practice all week and one of his parents has been there early each day so he was expecting the same service. He’s unmoved by the fact that his parents have to work to pay for the equipment and practice he’s attending.

“Tell me why I call this man and he [his dad] treating me like he’s Hollywood or something? Like he’s rich. Mama he ain’t even answer the phone, I called him twice. He ain’t even answer the phone,” Caleb complains.

The way this teen tells a story is hilarious and its hard to keep a straight face even when he’s being serious because of how naturally comedic he is. It gets even harder not to laugh when he describes his first experience using Uber.

“Then I get some random text from a random number,” he says. “Talking about some ‘Brenda’s on the way,’ I was like, ‘my grandma Brenda?”


I was in meetings all day for work so I couldn’t leave before yall go saying we neglecting our child he did get home safe #fypシ #foryou #foryourpage #fyp #blacktiktok #kidsoftiktok #boymomlife #parenting #funny #teens #uber

When he received the text saying Brenda was 10 minutes away, that’s when he realized it was in fact not his grandmother that lives states away in Chicago. It was the Uber driver that his mom sent to pick him up but when Bland called to tell him Brenda was on her way to pick him up, he was immediately uninterested.

“So then you called me talking about ‘Brenda about to come get you,’ I’m like ‘who is Brenda?’ cause I’m not getting in the car,” Caleb tells his mom.

Listening to him tell the story will leave you in stitches. Poor kid thought his parents forgot about him and Brenda was a kidnapper. That’s one interesting first time Uber experience. But don’t think dad got out of this lecture, Caleb expressed his thoughts in a follow up below.


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