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Girl’s adorkable dance moves based on math operations has people delighted

There’s just something so uplifting about a person boldly, unabashedly letting their geek flag fly.

When someone dares to be “uncool” and is just enjoying being themselves—quirks and all—it reminds us all that cool is a little overrated anyway. Suddenly throwing on that Lisa Frank t-shirt from middle school that still fits doesn’t seem as embarrassing as we thought it would be, and creating a dumb parody music video just to get a few laughs sounds like a totally respectable way to fill a Saturday afternoon. We’re better able to fearlessly express parts of ourselves because someone else showed us just how fun that kind of wild abandon can be, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Cue: The Math Dance.

In a video posted to the Reddit Made Me Smile community, one teen girl asks another, “What is your go-to dance move?”

Without missing a beat, the girl replies, “You guys wanna see my math dance moves?” She’s already holding back giggles in anticipation of showing them off.

“Did you say math?” the other girl asks.

Oh, yes, yes she did. “Math operations and functions,” to be specific. You know…addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.

Division, many a commenter noted, went particularly hard.


It’s mathematical
by u/IkilledRichieWhelan in MadeMeSmile

Wasn’t that so cheesy it actually circled around and became cool again? Seriously, wish this dance were as mainstream as the electric slide.

The “Math Dance” also brought out the most amazing wordplay from the comments section on Reddit. Check them out:

“I think she’s confusing the division dance with the percentage pivot turn.”

“It was mathemagical!”

“When you’re dancing with a girl in the club and she hits you with that y=x1/3.”

“All of the moves were so add-mirable and I love it. Didn’t expect it at all.”

“Nerds never die, they multiply.

Lastly, read this one to the tune of the Cha Cha Slide.

“Divide two times now y’all. Co sine! Co sine! Subtract real smooth. Let’s show ya work.”

All in all, this girl gave everyone a dose of joy, simply by being her adorkable self. Who run the world? Nerds!

Also, she’s now everybody’s favorite math teacher.

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