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Little boy in Brazil is the pied piper of farm animals and people can’t get enough of him

When we think of something “cute,” we usually think of tiny humans, tiny animals or both. It’s just hard to out-cute a small child with a puppy, you know?

But a little boy in Brazil is testing the boundaries of adorableness with his penchant for farm animals and his uncanny ability to get them to follow him pied piper-style.

In a series of mega-viral videos from @paidobebecampeiros on TikTok, we see a little boy giving various animals on what appears to be his family’s farm a ride in toy wagons hitched to his little motorized tractor. But it’s not just that he’s pulling them around—it’s the way the animals show zero fear and absolute trust in this tiny little person.

On one video that has a whopping 39 million views, the caption translated from Portuguese reads, “What a sweet kiss Campeiro gives his friend Tatá before starting the tour.” (“Campeiro” is a term used for fielders who work with cattle in Southern Brazil. Tatá is the name of a rooster.) The video starts off cute, gets cuter, and then somehow, miraculously, it gets even better.



Que beijo gostoso o Campeiro da no seu amigo Tatá, antes de começar o passeio

The duck and the goat? Come on.

And in another viral episode of “Young McDonald Had a Farm,” we see a similar scene but with a bunny thrown in—because of course—in addition to solid evidence that the duck, goat and dogs live for the young farmer’s caravans.


A Caravana do Campeiro 🐓🪿🐇🐕🐑😍😍❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

It’s not just the sound of the truck that lures the animals, in case you’re wondering. In other videos the boy pulls his friends in a wagon by hand and the duck and goat still walk happily alongside him.


O Campeiro é um encantador de animais 🐓🪿🐇🐑🐕😍😍❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

It’s seriously a Disney cartoon come to life. People in the comments remark that this kiddo is living their dream life. (And people are also super invested in that duck getting a ride—holy moly.) There’s just something so pure and wholesome and simple in the harmonious interactions between this little boy and his animals.

Check out @paidobebecampeiro on TikTok to see more of this unbelievable adorableness. Obrigado, Bebe Campeiro!

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